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We make more than 500,000 organic linen garments a year. Here’s what that means for the health of the planet and farm workers.

We’re skipping the chemicals:

  • Flax seeds are not pretreated with fungicide.
  • Early spring sprouts are not sprayed with insecticide.
  • Petroleum-based fertilizers and herbicides are not applied.
  • Workers are not exposed to hazardous chemicals.

We’re reducing our impact even further:

  • At harvest, our organic linen is dew retted, which means that the long, slender linen stalks are cut and left out in the field so that moisture and sunlight will soften the woody stalks. Other retting methods involve chemicals or large quantities of water to separate the fiber from the stalks.
  • Our organic linen is grown in rotation with food crops such as wheat and rapeseed for canola oil. By buying organic linen for clothing, we’re also supporting a pesticide-free food chain.

This is who grows our organic linen:

  • Since 2013, we’ve been sourcing most of our organic linen from a 2,000-acre organic farm in western China.
  • We still source organic linen from Europe, which has a long history of growing the finest linen. Unfortunately, Europe’s supply of organic linen is inadequate to meet our commitment to using only organic fiber.
  • The upside to sourcing in China: a lower transportation footprint. Mills for spinning organic linen are typically in China. Even if fabric is woven or knit elsewhere, the spinning likely takes place in China.

Care Note: How We Wear Our Linen
Linen is light, breathable and naturally textured. With time, it becomes even softer to the touch. The care label on your EILEEN FISHER organic linen garment will most likely call for cold water washing. We also often advise steaming or light pressing to restore garments to pristine condition. But at EILEEN FISHER, we take a more relaxed approach. We line dry our linen and don’t worry if it is rumpled. This saves both time and energy, but fundamentally we like the look.