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    “I think the world needs us all to show up as fully ourselves as we can. The more we are fully ourselves, the more we change the world.”
    — Eileen

    At EILEEN FISHER, we strive to create an inclusive and respectful workplace. We all benefit when we work in an environment where our differences are valued. We all thrive in a culture of inclusion.

    Our culture promotes teamwork within a diverse community. Employees partner collaboratively as members of both departmental and cross-company teams. We practice open, honest communication and believe that every person should have a voice.

    Our employees take pride in many aspects of working at EILEEN FISHER, from the clothes we make to our social consciousness practices and family-friendly policies.


    Our Values

    We are authentic.
    We make our most valuable contribution when we’re engaging our strengths and passions.

    We thrive in connection.
    We collaborate, taking inspiration from different perspectives and the collective energy.

    We trust each other.
    We’re honest and kind, even when we make mistakes. Our mistakes, like our connections, are opportunities to learn and grow.

    We innovate through creativity.
    We support people as they try new things, because we know that taking risks is how we’ll make a greater impact.

    We are committed to the health of the whole.
    All of us thrive only when each of us does. We make choices that ensure the well-being of our community, both in the company and in the world.

    We are united by purpose.
    When we trust our voices and use them in a way that positively affects others, we make meaningful impact that shows in the spirit of our work.