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Who We Are

WHO WE ARE Renew, LifeWork and the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute—just three more ways we’re committed to changing women’s lives and the clothing industry.

Clothes are where we start. We believe they should be ethical, timeless, well-made clothes designed to work together, wear effortlessly and be part of a responsible lifecycle. We challenge ourselves daily as we work to meet—and exceed—both our VISION2020 goals and the requirements for B Corp Certification.

Begun in 2009, Renew is a take-back program that gives EILEEN FISHER clothes life beyond your closet. You bring back your old pieces, and we find them another home—or turn them into entirely new designs. Because making clothes is a lifetime commitment.

LifeWork helps to expand what’s possible through classes and workshops with experts and teachers whose work we’re passionate about. Our programs—some of them available online—are part of Eileen’s vision for creating confidence, from the inside out. They’re like our clothes, but for your soul.

Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute
Eileen created EFLI in 2010 to help young women find their voices, explore their passions and cultivate a personal philosophy of success. The program is a journey of discovery that helps them find the confidence to become changemakers in their families, their schools and their communities.