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WASTE NO MOREFinding beauty in our old clothes.

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Finding beauty in our old clothes.

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Our journey toward zero waste begins in the design studio. We make clothes to last, using only the most sustainable materials. When you no longer need them, we take them back to be cleaned and resold through our Renew program. What do we do with pieces that are damaged beyond repair? We’re finding new possibilities for our old clothes, as showcased at two recent installations in our Brooklyn store and the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The Waste No More exhibitions, curated by Li Edelkoort, brought our circular story to life and invited guests to reflect on the idea that “less is more.” Gently worn pieces and remade designs were displayed alongside one-of-a-kind artworks and wall hangings by Sigi Ahl and our Waste No More team. Felted from fabric scraps and damaged clothes, each of these zero-waste textiles is made by carefully layering materials to create unique compositions. For us, these pieces represent a quiet act of rebellion—a disruption to the conventional cycle of consumption. Eileen’s hope is that these works inspire others to find beauty and possibility in the discarded. “We want to help the rest of the industry look at this problem in other ways and to do something creative and fun,” she explains.

Together, we can design a future without waste.