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You give us the ability to do so much. With your support, we’re empowering women and girls, changing the fashion industry and creating a more sustainable future. Check back each day, from now until December 31, as we share new posts about the impact of your purchases. Consider each a heartfelt thank-you. Because one thank-you just isn't enough. Today's post
Thanks from Eileen.

You understand the value of simple, timeless clothes—for people and the environment. Your support is helping us shift the clothing industry in so many meaningful ways.

Cashmere without the goats.
Thanks to you, we're able to spin cashmere in Italy from cutting room scraps. Less waste, less energy, zero goats.
Bag benefits.
More than 29,144 of you have declined a paper shopping bag at checkout. For every bag not taken, we've donated $1 to environmental nonprofits.
Truly natural color.
You bought 1,803 undyed cashmere sweaters this year. Thanks for helping us celebrate the natural beauty of cashmere—and skip the dyes. Just one way we're reducing our chemical impact.
It all adds up.
Thanks to the choices you're making, 50% of our 2016 product uses eco materials—up from 39% in 2014.
Recycling for a cause.
By recycling 711,000 garments with GREEN EILEEN, you’ve helped fund more than 100 organizations that support women, girls and the environment.
650 of you turned out for our Remade in the USA pop–up shop, which featured 500 new designs made from damaged garments collected through our recycling program. Thank you for keeping our clothes out of the landfill.
Investing in entrepreneurs.
Since 2004, we've been able to give $823,500 in grants to 72 women entrepreneurs, thanks to your loyalty. It's an investment in the next generation of sustainable businesses.
Learning together.
Thanks for making our pilot year a great one. More than 400 of you took workshops at Eileen's Learning Lab in Irvington, NY. She's passionate about helping all of us answer the question, "How do we embody our truest potential in life and work?"
Keeping girls running.
Because you participated in our Fall Event, we were able to donate $310,583 to Girls on the Run, a nonprofit that inspires girls to unleash their power and potential to change the world.
Love unites us.
You enabled us to stand with Orlando—and share our love with this window, displayed during the NYC Pride March.
Designing for the ages.
Thank you for your belief in timeless clothes—and timeless women. #ShesMyIcon
We're a B Corp.
Your comments about our new B Corp certification mean so much. A shout-out to Barbara Singer, who wrote: “That's a wonderful step you've taken. I love EF's commitment to people and to the world."
Made in Manhattan.
Thank you for buying bags and belts that support one of the last factories in Manhattan's leather district. We've worked with Alex Dabagh and his father, Pierre, since 2007.
You loved this quote from 85-year-old supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice: "One of the keys to my style has come from dressing the body I have. You have to accept and understand the scale of your body." Thanks to over 7K of you for making #WomensHistoryMonth record breaking.
Wool with better chemistry.
You bought 67,370 garments knit with chlorine–free Washable Wool. Just one way we're using fewer chemicals in our supply chain.
Workers of the world.
When you shop with us, you're providing jobs for 10,000 workers at 43 manufacturing partners, each of which is audited against the strictest labor standards. Thanks for choosing responsibly made clothes.
Cotton without the chemicals.
94% of our cotton is organic, up from 89% last year. Thank you for saying no to the pesticides and herbicides that make conventional cotton one of the world's most toxic crops.
Strengthening our communities.
Next time you stop in our stores, tell your Sales Associates about groups that would be great candidates for our community grants and in-kind donations. Our 2016 total: $225,000.
Sewn in Queens.
Jimmy Cheung's factory in Flushing, Queens, has tripled in size since we started working with him in 1995. Thanks to you, Jimmy now produces 30,000 garments a month, including many of our best sellers.
7 US factories, 500 jobs.
Thanks for keeping it local—27% of our product is now made in the USA, up from 22% last year. Today, 97% of all clothing sold in the US is manufactured elsewhere.
Less by design.
Thanks for supporting Eileen's belief in simplicity with 243,116 System purchases.
You came, we gave.
Twice a year, our retail stores and website host special shopping days when we donate 10% of proceeds to nonprofits. In 2016 we donated $632,914 to 35 organizations that support women, girls, human rights and the environment.
It helps a village.
Your purchase of 6,820 handloomed scarves deserves a special thank-you. They're made in 12 rural Indian villages by a community of 644 families whose livelihoods we're trying to elevate with the Handloom Project.
Knit in Los Angeles.
You have 46,310 thank-you's coming your way—that's how many sweaters you bought this year from Wei and Ilana Wang's family factory in L.A., a 78% increase over last year.
A fair trade.
What's the impact of the 34,571 fair trade sweaters you've bought? For 624 families in Peru, it means higher wages and a chance to set up their own knitting workshops.
Flax you could eat.
85% of our linen is organic, up from 71% last year, thanks to you. That means each flax seed is planted in the same chemical-free soil you'd want for your food.
Choosing good dyes.
Thanks for helping us clean up color: 42% of our product is dyed safely, according to the bluesign® standard or OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
Empowering women & girls.
It's thanks to you that, over the past six years, we've been able to give 65 grants totaling $2 million to nonprofits that help women and girls find their voices.
Stitched in California.
Since 2011, when we began making jeans in Los Angeles, you’ve bought 434,156 pairs from Bobby Ahn's family factory. And all the scraps have been recycled for insulation.
Seamless = wasteless.
Thank you for loving the effortless drape of the seamless cashmere and merino sweaters we're knitting in Italy. Because we love the near-zero waste that comes with making them this way.
Crusading for change.
We're advocating for clean power, stronger greenhouse gas regulation and more. Thanks to our 9,507 Twitter followers who are helping to spread the world.
Trading up for Tencel®.
You're helping us to turn trees into fiber with the latest, most sustainable technology. Thanks to you, we've doubled our use of Tencel® since 2014.
Tackling the tough stuff.
Thanks for coming to our in-store salons and discussing Michele Mitchell's documentary, The Uncondemned, the world-changing story of the fight to prosecute rape as a war crime.
Thank you to the 112,000 members of our community who joined us in asking #WhoMadeMyClothes on Fashion Revolution Day.
You shared the story.
3.7 million people joined us on our path to sustainability, thanks to your engagement on social media.
Thanks for talking, tweeting, registering to vote and helping us spread the word that women's voices matter. #YourChoiceHasPower reached 191,635 people.
Thank you from all 1200 of us.

With your help, we’re creating a kinder, more sustainable world.