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sustainable fibers

RESPONSIBLE FIBERS The natural, recycled and high-tech fibers in our eco collection.


Cashmere respun from factory scraps, polyester made from water bottles. By repurposing waste, we create beautiful yarns that have a lower environmental impact than yarns that use new materials—even ones made with organic fiber.

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Recycled vs. Reclaimed Both recycled and reclaimed yarns are spun from the same forms of waste. When the process meets a certified recycling standard, we market a yarn as recycled; otherwise we use the word reclaimed.
Recycled and Reclaimed Cashmere: Respun from discarded garments and cutting room scraps, these cashmere yarns divert factory waste and reduce our environmental impact. Over the last decade, the high demand for cashmere has led to overgrazing and soil depletion in both China and Mongolia, where the goats for our cashmere are raised.

Recycled Nylon: Nylon is made from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource. Recycled nylon can repurpose many forms of post-industrial waste, notably fishing nets, which are hazardous to marine ecosystems.

Recycled Polyester: Since 2009 we have sourced recycled polyester made from water bottles, discarded garments and other forms of postconsumer waste. Recycled polyester requires far less energy than virgin polyester, which is a petroleum product. And it has a lower environmental impact than silk or chiffon, two natural fabrics it easily mimics.

Recycled and Reclaimed Cotton: Spun from garments or cutting room scraps, recycled and reclaimed cotton yarns have a speckly, mélanged effect. Their environmental advantage: They eliminate farming, harvesting and ginning, reducing both energy and transportation needs.