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SIGNATURE FABRICS Our clothes depend on fabrics we love and trust. Stay tuned as we tell their stories.


Our System of dressing depends upon a handful of fabrics, including Silk Georgette Crepe, introduced in 1999 and bluesign® certified since 2012.

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Why we love it
This is a silk that says yes to everything. Both refined and relaxed, it has a textural matte surface that loves linen—and wool. Summer or winter, it is at the forefront of your closet. There aren’t many fabrics that move like Martha Graham and wash like your favorite jeans. That’s why we’ve counted on Silk Georgette Crepe since 1999.

How it’s made
Silk Georgette Crepe is an uncommon silk. Woven with a tightly spun yarn, it has the right structure for jackets and pants—and an inner springiness that makes it float on the body. Lightweight but not delicate, with pebbly texture and natural stretch.

Bluesign® certified
Over the last two decades we’ve made only one change to Silk Georgette Crepe: Since 2012 it has been dyed without hazardous chemicals, according to the strict and holistic bluesign® standard. It was—and is—a first for the fashion industry. Today, our China dyehouse is still the only one in the world to produce bluesign® certified silks.