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Power Moves You

power moves you Where will you take it?
Featuring Dancer & Choreographer Mari Madrid.
We believe in the power of simple clothes—that they change the way a woman moves and how she feels. That's why we asked dancer and choreographer Mari Madrid to show our soft suiting in motion.
“There’s power in movement—and dancing is my way of voicing it. These clothes move seamlessly with me, like they’re a part of me, and that makes me feel free and empowered.”
—Mari Madrid, Dancer & Choreographer
The Collection Our Spring Suiting Think easy, work-ready clothes, in fabrics that feel good and move naturally with your body.
Powerful silhouettes in some of our most fluid fabrics. Decidedly feminine.
As comfortable as they are sophisticated— suits you won't want to take off.
Organizations That Empower Women & Girls This spring we're celebrating organizations that empower women and girls, from inspiring confidence through physical activity to ending sexual harassment.