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EILEEN FISHER Brand Statement: 
Beautifully simple clothing designed to move with real life.

EILEEN FISHER is more than a brand. We are a culture and an ethos born of passionate individuals who work as we live, using good design to inspire creativity, cultivate connection and instill confidence. By reflecting these values in our craft, clothing, workspaces and interactions, we celebrate the vital dynamic between one and many.

Simple. Sensual. Beautiful. Timeless. Functional.
Great design is at the heart of EILEEN FISHER. It is an idea brought to life through clean lines, simple shapes and sensual fabrics. It strives to balance the timeless with the modern, function with beauty. It is an organic system, always evolving, changing, building upon what's come before. Great design is clothing in context, made to fit both our bodies and our lives. It is a dialogue between seasonal perspectives and enduring ideals.

At EILEEN FISHER, this conversation around great design begins with our shared Design Values. These five values form the foundation of our aesthetic; they are what we aspire to achieve within every product we craft. Our Design Values are our creative anchors, grounding us in the essentials of EILEEN FISHER design. They provide us with a shared language from which new ideas and fresh interpretations can emerge each season. They are where we started and where we will always start again.

EILEEN FISHER Cultural Values
We inspire creativity.
At EILEEN FISHER, creativity is as integral to soulful living as eating well and laughing like hell. Think of it as the wet chemistry of our collective energy, ideas and dialogue, enlivening and nourishing us in the day-to-day. Abandoning ourselves to the spirit of creative play, we encourage surprise and discovery, courage and vision, instinct and intuition. These are our guides as we seek and explore new opportunities for growth and connection, learning about ourselves by leaping together into the unknown and translating the beauty of the unexpected into artful expression.

We instill confidence.
At EILEEN FISHER, we begin by honoring our voices, letting each ring out as valid and valued. In supporting and nurturing each other, we find our individual strengths and learn how to enhance them.

We bring a similar love of self-expression to our customers, instilling confidence through the beauty and performance of great design much like an ergonomic chair or a well-formed utensil. Adaptable and interchangeable, our clothing prevails with the very grace we all aspire to, at once yielding and steadfast. As such, a beautiful dynamic emerges between the adorned and the adornment, each benefiting from the nuanced qualities of the other.

We cultivate connection.
At EILEEN FISHER, we thrive on connection, best knowing our selves through knowing others and the stories, facets and intricacies they embody. We each listen, seeking to be surprised by what we don't know, delighted by silence and inspired to reach beyond the shadows we cast. From our nearest whispers to our most distant touches, we demonstrate singular action and collective impact, and bear the essence of EILEEN FISHER, a woman and a community.