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USA: Our Factories Today 97% of garments sold in the US are knit or sewn elsewhere; we produce 25% of ours in New York and California.

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Fabric designer Inka Apter talks about the global textile industry.

Isn't 17,000 miles a lot of miles?
Yes. We would like to shorten the supply chain, but in pursuit of fine fabrics, thousands of travel miles are all too common. Italian merino starts with wool fiber from Australia. Tencel fiber is made in Austria with eucalyptus wood from South Africa. Silk is a Chinese specialty. A sea voyage from Shanghai to New York alone is 16,000 miles.

Why aren't there more US mills?
In roughly two decades at EILEEN FISHER, I've seen a number of our US mills close. That trend is starting to reverse itself and we're doing everything we can to support domestic fabric production. We devote a lot of R&D time to following up on new US manufacturing leads.

Can you do something to reduce the impact of shipping?
The yoga tank travels by sea, which has a much lower environmental impact than air shipping. We are very conscious of shipping and its costs, both for the company and the environment. We're committed to offsetting an increasing amount of our shipping and store emissions by partnering with NativeEnergy to build windmills.