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BUSINESS AS A MOVEMENT"We don't want sustainability to be our edge. We want it to be universal." —Eileen


We’re committed to doing business for good—that’s why we’re proud to be a B Corp.

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A certified B Corp since 2015, we’re one of 2,504 companies across 50 countries and 130 industries redefining success in business. “We’re honored to be a part of the B Corp community,” says Eileen. “It lets us be bold about who we are and what we believe in—and to make greater impact in the world as a fashion industry leader."

B Corps voluntarily meet high criteria for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Our certification builds upon the foundation of VISION2020, a series of bold commitments around fiber, chemistry, resources and conscious business practices that EILEEN FISHER launched in 2015.

A leader in the industry for our longstanding commitment to making a positive impact, EILEEN FISHER is one of the largest women’s fashion companies to achieve B Corp certification. Others include Patagonia, Athleta, Reformation and Warby Parker.

EILEEN FISHER is a quadruple bottom line company—meaning we value the environment, human rights, employee well-being and financial interests as part of doing business.

"Being a quadruple bottom line business,” says Eileen, “means putting a stake in the ground around our purpose and practices—and truly turning business into a movement."