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Artisanal Peruvian Organic Cotton Tassel Necklace

Style No.R8HUN-Y0224
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    • Woven by hand on traditional wooden looms, an organic cotton tassel necklace trimmed with hand-tied glass beads.
    • 16-inch handwoven necklace with 3-inch hand-tied tassel.
    • Trimmed with hand-tied glass beads.
    • Only available online and at EILEEN FISHER stores.


    • Exceptionally soft organic cotton that's woven in an alternative supply chain designed around community-based workshops in Arequipa, Peru. One of the fair trade gifts from our Love, Peru project, which invests in higher wages and local communities.
    • This garment is Responsible by Design. That means it meets our highest standard for environmental or social impact. It reflects our efforts to take responsibility for what we make, always looking for more sustainable materials and methods. Click the Behind the Label tab to learn more.

  • Made in Peru.
  • Organic Cotton
    Grown without the synthetic herbicides and pesticides that make conventional cotton one of the most toxic crops. By 2020 all our cotton will be organic.
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    Fair Trade
    In Arequipa, Peru, fair trade knitting means higher wages and community investment. In addition to a central factory, knitting is done in small workshops staffed by family and friends.
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