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The Icons

Paper or plastic? It's just not that simple. We must parse the choices within the choice, sometimes using only the information that will fit on a box or a label, and often only if the law requires it. If we acknowledged that every single decision we make has an impact on the world, it would be more

to slip into utter paralysis. But what if instead of feeling overwhelmed, we felt empowered by the fact that our choices can make a difference?

At EILEEN FISHER, we think social and sustainable values should be built into clothes, period. Of course we hope that how your clothes are made matters to you, too. We also know that how a piece will work in your daily life is important. Our Icons are simple enough to live in your wardrobe for seasons to come—and made from materials that stand the test of time. Because sustainability starts with great design. collapse

Chlorine-Free Wool: A Path of Progress
When we learned the chlorine that makes wool so easy to live with and care for has the unwanted side effect creating a dangerous class of toxins in wastewater, we knew we needed to find a better alternative. Though chlorine is commonly used to keep wools from pilling, shrinking ... read more

or feeling itchy, some—like our Boiled Wool—don't require it in their processing at all. But what to do about the rest?

Enter Washable Wool Crepe, essential to our line since 1997 and the perfect prospect for piloting our chlorine-free program. It took four years of tweaking and testing in collaboration with the Italian mill that supplies the yarn to land on new chemistry that would meet the same standards for quality and performance as the original. In 2014, we were able to launch a chlorine-free version. Now we're leveraging what we've learned to develop chemistry for our other wool yarns. collapse

Timelessness: Here Today, Here Tomorrow
By designing minimally, we're doing more than just embracing an aesthetic—we're thinking about the future. We've created a system of simple shapes in core fabrics that you can build on season after season. And every time a new style is added, we make sure it's versatile, so that you can do more with less-and choose only the pieces you really love.

Making clothes responsibly is a work in progress. Every supply chain presents unique and complex challenges—to which there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each time we set out to produce something, we push ourselves to do things better. Because individual successes add up, just like individual purchases. By supporting garments that are ethically made, you're voting yes to materials with integrity, safer chemistry and better practices. And one thing is clear—perhaps now more than ever. Every single vote counts.