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Whether you borrow each other’s clothes or each other’s mannerisms, there’s something special about mothers and daughters. Meet some of our EILEEN FISHER families
  • MONIQUE AND SOPHIA “I love that my daughter sees the beauty in things most people take for granted.”

    Monique Job: Wholesale Marketing Manager
    Mother of: 2
  • ERMINE AND KHAHARA “Every day, my daughter teaches me to listen.”

    Ermine Job: Design Operations Leader
    Mother of: 2
  • CASEY, BARBIE, KENNEDY “Don't let anybody steal your joy. My mom instilled this in me. Now we're both teaching Kennedy.”

    Casey Job: Social Media Manager
    Mother of: 1
  • NINA AND SARAH “Because of my mom, I pay attention to instinct and honor intuition. Self-reflection sows the seeds of growth.”

    Nina Job: Senior Associate Merchandiser
  • DINELLE AND MIA “Curiosity is a gift I want my daughter to keep her whole life.”

    Dinelle Job: Senior Merchandiser
    Mother of: 1
  • ABBY AND SOLÉ “I want my daughter to be able to write her own story.”

    Abby Job: Line Operations Associate
    Mother of: 3
  • TAYLOR AND JANET “My mom taught me to approach life fearlessly.”

    Taylor Job: Social Media Associate

All of the children's clothes were handmade using upcycled GREEN EILEEN product by mother-daughter duo Delores and Marissa, who both work for EILEEN FISHER.