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COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Learn how we support leadership programs for women and girls, women-owned businesses and local communities.


Our stores are integral parts of their communities and we are proud to support their outreach through local grants and in-kind donations.

Through small grants and In-kind donations, EILEEN FISHER supports nonprofit organizations in our local communities. We are interested in partnering with organizations that are:

  • working to address local issues, with core services that focus on strengthening the community;
  • located in the same town or city as one of our offices, retail stores or showrooms;
  • able to demonstrate the long-term viability and sustainability of their organization;
  • able to demonstrate a need for the funds and clear plan for their use; and
  • in keeping with the EILEEN FISHER mission.
Our Community Partnership grants range up to $2,500, with the exception of organizations with which we have previously developed a strong relationship, and support annually, usually through event sponsorship. Gift certificates up to $250, items for gift bags (such as $25 gift cards, EILEEN FISHER journals, pens or tote bags, depending on availability) or merchandise (samples or gently used items collected at our bi-annual clothing drive) are also available through this program. Our budget also includes funds allocated for business and marketing donations, which are generally directed towards purchasing event tickets in support of long-term grantees or business partners.

Our Process
An internal committee facilitated by the Social Consciousness team reviews all proposals every eight weeks. Decisions are made by consensus between all members.

Decisions are based on:

  • The eligibility of the nonprofit organization;
  • The organization's impact in the community;
  • Our history with the organization or the organization's connection to our store, employees, customers or business partners;
  • Our previous support of other organizations within that community;
  • Our annual budget.
How to Apply
All community partnership applications will be reviewed quarterly by committee on the following dates in 2017: March 8, June 7, September 6 and November 8. The deadline for the application is one week before the meeting date, by noon, EST. Decisions are communicated via phone or e-mail within one month of the meeting. We do not accept proposals by mail; we only accept proposals through our online application process. Please apply as early as possible. Processing after a meeting can take up to one month.

Please click here to take the eligibility quiz and log on to our online application.