Women-Owned Grant

Kids Konserve waste free lunch packing for the whole family!

EILEEN FISHER Announces the Recipients of Its 2009 Business Grant Program for Woman Entrepreneurs.

  • Designers Anna Barrio and Page Neal believe that jewelry should meet a higher standard. At Bario-Neal, their Philadelphia store and workshop, they create beautiful jewelry using reclaimed precious metals, recycled diamonds and gemstones that are tracked from mine to market.
  • Pull up to one of the gas-station style pumps at BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley, CA and you can fill your car with biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil. Owners Margaret Farrow, Ace Anderson, Novella Carpenter, Melissa Hardy and Jennifer Radtke call it the "most sustainable filling station in the nation." Their worker-owned cooperative not only specializes in collecting and selling biofuel, it runs an Urban Farm Store and offers classes on everything from raising chickens to keeping bees.
  • "Saved and made in the USA" is the motto of GG2G. Co-founded by Day Moore, GG2G creates up-cycled accessories from salvaged restaurant seating, billboards, bicycle inner tubes and recycled glass bottles. GG2G centers its manufacturing in Connecticut, working to build a skilled labor force and provide low-income, minorities and non-English speaking individuals with jobs, education and career opportunities in the green fashion industry.
  • When Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton calculated the amount of lunch trash being produced each day at their kid's schools they started thinking about Kids Konserve. Their innovative website offers a complete line of waste-free, BPA-free lunch-packing solutions. Today, they cater not only to kids but grown-ups interested in stylish containers for salad bars, takeout, travel and leftovers.