Women-Owned Grant

Shazi Visram was inspired by her son Zane to start Happy Family, which creates organic products for babies, toddlers, kids and adults using nutritionally rich ingredients

EILEEN FISHER Announces the Recipients of Its 2005 Business Grant Program for Woman Entrepreneurs.

In 2002, Anne DeLaVergne got tired of recycling envelopes and was inspired to create ecoEnvelopes, reusuable mailers designed to be sent and re-sent. Today the envelopes are sustainably manufactured on certified papers from managed forests with up to 100 percent post-consumer waste. The company counts Sprint among its clients, along with brides interested in two-way Green Wedding Invitations.

Social worker Wendy Wenzel of Raleigh, NC, created Wellness Supports to maximize the strengths and enhance the lives of individuals and families dealing with mental health issues. Services address school-related problems, anxiety disorders, ADHD, stress and other issues at the office or in client's homes.

In 2004 Delissa Reynolds thought her Brooklyn neighborhood needed a social hub. She created Bar Sepia to inspire her customers and employees "to join hands in creating a community of support for their Prospect Height's neighborhood." Today it is a cozy, welcoming fixture on Underhill Ave.

After listening to a friend who didn't have time to make healthy baby food (and couldn't find good options in the supermarket aisle), Shazi Visram came up with the idea for Happy Family: minimally processed, ready-made organic baby food. Today,
Happy Family creates organic products for babies, toddlers, kids and adults using nutritionally rich ingredients-amaranth, probiotics, coconut milk and more.

In 2001, Awilda Velez started AV Financial Consulting to help minority and low-income communities in the Bronx. Today, her woman-owned firm helps; work-release and the transitional prison population, the financially illiterate and the disabled as well as minority-owned businesses. It also provides entrepreneurial training, small business development and more.