New Orleans

Volunteering creates community-as we discovered when we rebuilt housing in New Orleans, working with employees from CLIF BAR, Numi Tea, Seventh Generation and Timberland.

New Orleans: In Good Company

For our first joint volunteerism effort, nine EILEEN FISHER employees joined eighteen employees from CLIF BAR, Seventh Generation, Numi Tea and Timberland for a partnership we call In Good Company. In November, 2008, we went to New Orleans, where we rolled up our sleeves and worked with three organizations-Bayou Rebirth, Rebuilding Together and New Orleans Food and Farming Network-to help restore the Hollygrove neighborhood in northeast New Orleans.

Here are some excerpts from the project's volunteer blog:

“The devastation here is unbelievable. It makes your heart stop.”

“We had a discussion last night at dinner about community. Why it's important, what it means these days, how to find it, how to sustain it. It's interesting that within the span of a few short days the twenty-seven of us, from all over the country, from different backgrounds, of different ages, with different interests have come together to create a community of people centered around the idea of contributing and giving back to other communities.”

“Each person pitched in what talents they had, each person gave what they could and we got a lot more done than I had expected. We hope to have this home completed at the end of our week here. How nice it would be to have their kitchen and home back so that they could have their first REAL Thanksgiving in over three years.”