Growth and Development

“When I interview prospective employees, I often talk about how people start their careers at EILEEN FISHER doing one thing. As they grow and develop, they switch gears and sometimes reinvent themselves entirely.”
        - Celeste Thompson, Human Resources

Growth & Development

Learning activities provide opportunities to step back from day-to-day work, to reflect on ourselves, to experience new thinking and to listen to others. At EILEEN FISHER, individual and collective growth is encouraged through:

  • Group off-site meetings where we explore our work together on key topics or business opportunities.
  • Internal workshops designed for a shared learning experience the ways we relate as leaders or individual contributors.
  • External training/education programs ranging from degree programs at colleges and universities to workshops on specific topics related to our work.
  • Taking on new tasks or projects with guidance from someone who has experience.
  • Participation on key teams such as the Wellness Committee, the Social Consciousness Committee, various volunteerism teams, our Eco Product Team, our Diversity & Inclusion Task Force and our Peer Partner program to support new employees.

We believe that the development of our people and of our collaborative teams helps our company thrive both culturally and financially. It also supports our employees in their nonwork lives. As one of our leaders said recently, “Working at this company has made me a better person.”