AJ De Los Santos

Christian Casals



Describe your role.

Patternmaker, partnering with all woven and some knit Technical Designers during fittings. I help to achieve a balanced fit for our development samples before they are released to production.

Both parents were involved in the business. My mother had a clothing boutique and made all her garments. She had a small sewing shop right at home. My stepfather worked for a large textile and apparel manufacturer in Lima Peru. I was offered a job after high school to start as an apprentice and gravitated to the pattern department.

What keeps you doing this job?

I like what I do. No two garments are alike and I never stop learning something new. As a tutor, I find the interaction rewarding.

What would you recommend to others interested in this role? What training would you suggest if any?

I would recommend formal schooling as a Patternmaker/Tailor and to then work as an apprentice to someone with this formal training.

What sets EF apart from other places you have worked?

This is the best company I have worked for in my career. I have thirty years in this field and have never experienced this level of care, respect and inclusion.