Benefits: Well Being


EILEEN FISHER contributes a generous portion toward the cost of each employee's medical benefits. We provide an open-access plan utilizing Aetna's network of providers. Employees have the option of seeking care from physicians in or outside of the Aetna network.


Our comprehensive dental plan utilizing the Delta Dental network covers preventative (annual cleanings and x-rays), basic, major and orthodontia.

Flexible Spending Accounts:

The flexible spending account allows eligible employees to set aside pre-tax dollars into an account which can be used for: medical/dental expenses not covered by your regular health insurance; dependent care including childcare; and qualified adoption expenses.

Short-Term and Supplemental Disability:

Our short-term and supplemental disability programs provide salary replacement for non-work related injury or illness. Supplemental disability benefits may allow an employee to obtain full salary continuation for a period of time that corresponds with length of service and their actual disability.

Long-Term Disability:

Our long-term disability program is provided at no cost to all eligible employees. The benefit provides partial replacement of income when an employee is partially or totally disabled for 6 months or longer.

Life Insurance:

Our life insurance policy is provided at no cost to all eligible employees. The plan provides a benefit of two times the base salary. In addition, employees have the option to purchase supplemental life insurance, including coverage for their spouse/domestic partner and children.


To help our employees plan for the future, a 401(k) savings plan is available to all eligible employees. Contributions are made on a pre-tax basis and the company includes a discretionary match.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan:

The ESOP is part of EILEEN FISHER's retirement program and provides eligible employees with company stock intended for long-term savings.

Profit-sharing Bonus:

If the company achieves after-tax profits, a minimum of 10% of out after-tax profits is distributed to eligible employees based on salary and length of service.


We view vacation as an important period for rest and renewal. Depending on your length of service, employees are eligible for up to five (5) weeks of vacation.

Personal / Sick Days:

Employees will be eligible to use up to six (6) personal/sick days in a calendar year. These days may also be used to care for family members.

Personal Observance:

In recognition of diverse cultural and religious traditions, all regular full-time employees are entitled to two (2) additional days off to honor a religious, cultural or personal holiday of their choice.


At EILEEN FISHER, we recognize seven (7) core holidays. Each year the holiday schedule is assessed and additional days off are added resulting in a total of ten (10) days off to observe these holidays.

Employee Assistance Program:

The EAP is a great resource for employees and their family members in dealing with issues that affect their lives and the quality of their work performance. Some of the benefits including counseling services, financial and legal services, referrals for childcare, eldercare, adoption, school services, special needs, summer programs, college and/or scholarship referrals.

Wellness & Education Programs:

In support of the company's belief in personal growth and well-being, eligible employees may receive reimbursement for wellness-related activities and courses & classes that help them develop personally and professionally. Some examples include yoga, health club memberships, massage therapy, dance lessons, cooking classes and art classes.

On-site Wellness Services:

We pride ourselves on being able to offer employees a nurturing and holistic environment that promotes their individual growth, work/life balance, and overall well-being. In keeping with this, we provide certain on-site wellness services such as yoga and massage at facilities.