Wellness Wellness

The Hudson River runs right outside our Irvington offices, inspiring an employee boating trip. Dance classes happen regularly in our yoga room. Living room settings, complete with candles and couches, help us think outside the box.

Wellness: Employees

The Employee Wellness Program is based on the belief that if we take care of ourselves, we'll have more energy and creativity to bring to our work. We strive to develop a culture that encourages staff to integrate self-care into their workday: "to stop, to stretch, to breathe."

We offer ongoing wellness activities at our corporate offices, meant to help employees feel more present in their lives. These activities include massage, yoga classes, personal training and reflexology. We also introduce employees to wellness practices they may want to explore on their own. Past offerings include Pilates, Qigong, creative movement and nutritional education.

We support our employees' efforts to care for themselves outside of work by reimbursing up to $1,000 per year for wellness-related expenses. Employees have used wellness money for services ranging from massage and acupuncture to gym memberships to exercise equipment.

We also encourage employees to grow through learning. Educational opportunities are a way to discover more about who we are and bring that to bear on our lives. Employees have used their educational dollars to take a myriad of classes, including yoga-teacher training, mindfulness meditation, kickboxing, dance, pottery and horseback riding. Employees are reimbursed up to $1,000 per year for educational expenses.