Eileen, right, and Susan Schor, Chief Culture Officer/Facilitating Leader, join Irvington employees in toasting EF's award as one of the 50 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America. EILEEN FISHER has appeared on the list every year, starting in 2004.

Benefits: Joyful Atmosphere

Clothing Allowance:

An annual clothing allowance is given to employees to purchase EILEEN FISHER clothing. The purpose of this allowance is to: encourage employees to wear the clothes while representing the company, both internally and externally; learn more about our clothes by "living" them; and, enjoy wearing our clothes and feel proud of our product. Generous merchandise discounts are also available to regular employees at our stores.

Sample Sales:

On-site sample sales are held periodically at our company offices, which allow employees to purchase samples at a greatly reduced cost.

Service Awards:

We recognize and value an employee's commitment and dedication for their years of service. Milestone anniversaries are commemorated with cash awards and other gifts, and honored at an annual luncheon.

Community Gatherings:

Employees have several opportunities throughout the year to celebrate their accomplishments and socialize among colleagues. Every season, we hold company meetings at our three company locations. Every month, employees gather to recognize birthdays and anniversaries of co-workers. We also organize an annual holiday party and summer barbeques.

Peer Partner Program:

New employees may be paired with a peer partner during their first three months with EILEEN FISHER. Peer partners connect with new employees to serve as their personal resource and share additional information about the company.

Summer Hours:

During the summer months (Memorial Day through Labor Day), many departments participate in summer hours, where work schedules vary to allow for a longer weekend.