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The Creative Closet

Each season, Eileen ventures into the depths of her closet and spends time thinking, editing and choosing what really works - for her body and for what she wants to express through her clothes. She eliminates the pieces she thought she might wear but didn't - and finds tremendous clarity... Clarity about proportion and layering that inspires the design and focus of the collection.

The Creative Closet is a way of talking about something we've been doing for years: designing a system that lets women get dressed with ease and joy.

The word "closet" implies system. It presents the idea of an organized space where everything works together efficiently.

The word "creative" is an invitation. It encourages women to be artful, to play with the pieces they choose to wear, in their own unique ways.

Each season, the collections we design are large-scale Creative Closets. They offer choice, inspiration and above all continuity. Design ideas flow across fabric categories and across months, bringing energy, vitality and new opportunities for personal expression. The collections are also practical. They connect to what has come before, to fabrics our customers love and trust, to styles and proportions that are already in their closets.