We believe in a collaborative workplace culture, wellness and personal development.

Communicate Our Vision
  • Lead from the EILEEN FISHER mission. Use it as our compass.

  • Communicate the big picture. Guide the work in connection to the big
    ideas. Help others gain insight into how their roles evolve the whole.

  • Integrate the values of the company into everyday experience.

  • Model the EILEEN FISHER philosophy with our partners, customers and

Keep It Simple
  • Focus on what's really important and set priorities.

  • Simplify the work as much as possible. Question the pieces that feel

  • Create thinking time for one's self and others.

Inspire Creativity
  • Explore possibilities. Follow curiosity.

  • Believe in new ideas even if they don't fit right now. Help people infuse
    their ideas within the context of the whole.

  • Creative thinking and risk-taking often lead to a bigger place.

Team with People
  • Bring people together. Collaborate. Individual voices contribute to and
    enhance the whole.

  • Invite many perspectives into discussion and decision-making. A leader
    is never alone.

  • Team with other leaders, share ideas and information. Support and
    enrich each other. Seek ways to partner, cross-pollinate! Our work is

Engage People
  • Excite, motivate, involve—embrace each person's energy. Inspire people
    to engage their passion, creativity, strengths and skills in the work.

  • Appreciate and acknowledge everyone's efforts and contributions.

Communicate Openly
  • Be present. Be accessible. Listen. Ask questions. Share information.
    Learn more about and respect other people's perspectives.

  • Find your voice. Trust and express it. Share your own ideas. Integrate
    your thinking into the big picture. Be conscious of how your presence
    and style affect others.

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