I recently went on a trip to Vietnam and got this really amazing cutting board—it weighed a ton in my luggage. I like to cook, so I also brought back a lot of spices and little tiny containers, knives and other really cool stuff. I was supposed to give these two little pigs to my friend, who collects pigs, but I love them so much I just kept them for myself. They're hilarious.
This little short suit is so my favorite. I love that EILEEN FISHER is making these amazing shorts with pockets and belt loops. They are just like little trouser pants.
The pant is like a feminine combat pant—especially when you pair it up with a pair of chunky boots. I wear boots with everything. It definitely makes it easier to get dressed. The cardigan that I'm wearing is a development style that we're working on for spring. It has very extreme proportions—it's short in the front and then long in the back. So it's like two cardigans in one.
I've been told that I'm a master of the pile-on; I layer about four or five pieces per outfit. Layers of different textures just pull it all together.
The Lab Store in Irvington, NY, is where I find a lot of the cool development samples that we'll be working on later in the season. It's a super great place to shop and right on the Hudson River.

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