Must have? I've worked at EILEEN FISHER for a very long time and I've seen a lot of styles come through the design studio. This is my all-time favorite piece, hands down.

Featured Tipster: Kim

When I pack, my method of craziness is to pull out every single thing that I think I'm going to wear and try it on... Then I just slip in the slinky silky because it doesn't take up any room. I only pack two pairs of shoes—one is for going out at night and one is for walking around all day, cobblestone streets, mountains, whichever. This silk sheer dress is one of the pieces that I literally wrap into a ball and tuck it into my bag when I'm travelling. It takes up no space at all.

Featured Tipster: Kim

Kim: Visual Concept Director + Merchandiser

Featured Tipster: Kim

The art of editing. I feel like editing is the art to our line at Eileen Fisher. It's the art to any great movie. It's the art to any great song. It's the art to a great wardrobe.

Featured Tipster: Kim
Featured Tipster: Kim

What mistakes? When I'm shopping and I'm experimenting–that's the place you think you're making mistakes–but actually those turn out to be the best of the best. You'll grab a color that you never even thought you could wear and then you throw it on and all of a sudden it's like, "Wow, my eyes are blue." You shouldn't be afraid to try anything, it's only clothes.

Featured Tipster: Kim

Recycle your clothes. Give them to your friends. Even give away stuff you like sometimes.

Featured Tipster: Kim
Featured Tipster: Kim

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  • Back Story Sleeveless sweater with a split back. I call this my eye sweater because of the tufted yarn. Fun, high contrast with a cool slit in the back that shows off a tank. Shop >

    Back Story

    Back Story >

  • My Go–To I've been at EF for 18 years and this is my all-time favorite piece. I love silk over any other fabric as far as tops go. The simplest, most artful design-ever.Shop >

    My Go-To

    My Go-To >

  • Faded Love It looks like I've had it for a million years. Super soft, super organic. Love that it's waist length–perfect layered over silk dresses and tunics. Shop >

    Faded Love

    Faded Love >

  • Half & Half  This dress is sheer and opaque, perfect over jeans, tights, slim black pants, even a skirt. I don't have a lot of patience for pieces I won't wear all the time. There are a gazillion ways you can wear this. Available in late May.

    Half & Half

    Half & Half >

  • Stretch Hero I'm not a leggings type of person, but these live like real, black jeans: pockets, belt loops and lots of stretch. They just happen to have a super sleek fit. Shop >

    Stretch Hero

    Stretch Hero >

  • Feet First I start with the shoes and build my outfit from there. You can keep it simple if you have great socks. Shop >

    Feet First

    Feet First >

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