The pajama pant. My style. Love the way the silk feels against my skin.

Featured Tipster: Celeste
Featured Tipster: Celeste
Featured Tipster: Celeste

This bag has date night appeal. I can totally go out at night with it or, yes, bring it to work in the morning.

Featured Tipster: Celeste

It's not spot on biker, it's...you know... a.k.a biker or something. The nephew or the small child of the biker

Featured Tipster: Celeste

This is the whole safari, Crocodile Dundee kind of look. My go-to for fall.

Featured Tipster: Celeste

Celeste's Tips

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  • Wonder Knit. This sweater is, oh my God, so light and soft and warm... like a blanket, like a teddy bear. All wrapped into one. Available in late September >

    Wonder Knit

    Wonder Knit >

  • Silk Pajamas. Pajama style is my style, especially with silk. These pants are drapey, hang nicely and they feel great against the skin. They are a really good length, which is really important, because of my long legs. Shop >

    Silk Pajamas

    Silk Pajamas >

  • Got the Blues. This bag has date-night appeal. I can totally go out at night with it or, yes, bring it to work in the morning. The eye-popping blue is great against a darker wardrobe, which is my specialty. Shop >

    Got the Blues

    Got the Blues >

  • Toe Flirt. The shoe that looks like a boot but flirts with your toes? I hate following the rules, so I thought this was... a shoe-in. Shop >

    Toe Flirt

    Toe Flirt >

  • Nouveau Moto. I like the hard and the soft--a silk skirt with a vest that has a little bit of that biker thing that is going on in the world. Not spot-on biker. More like implied biker. Shop >

    Nouveau Moto

    Nouveau Moto >

  • Web of Intrigue. Drop this little number over a black cami and suddenly you have a whole lot going on. Mystery. Intrigue. Add a jacket for work, but please take it off at 5pm sharp. You will not want to hide this for a minute longer. Shop >

    Web of Intrigue

    Web of Intrigue >

  • The Nowhere Length. This is what I call a nowhere length. Not long, not short, just there, floating away with all that sheer silk. It moves beautifully and I like the pleating because it is so relaxed. Nothing Catholic school about it. Shop >

    Silk Skirt

    The Nowhere Length >

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